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Easy to use POS software designed especially for jewellers.

Sales Summaries

The place where you you answer all the interesting questions

sales summary list example






for businesses with more than one shop you can choose which shop to analyse

select the data you wish to analyse and the time period

choose all or pick a subset of the data to view eg sales from a certain supplier or sold by a particular staff member

choose which fields to summarise

Sales Date Range
pick the sales period you wish to view

choose key ( alphabetical ) , qty or retail value to order the items in the report

include appros
click to include appro sales in stock sales report

table report
click to view results as a table report

Example output for stock sold by category showing qty in stock, stock retail value, % of total stock, %of stock sold in this period, average time in stock when sold, cost of sales, qty sold, average retail sale, % of sales, mark up and % of gross profit. Best performing items are highlighted in red eg lowest interval (highest stock turn) and highest % of total sales.

the results can be displayed as a graph